Welcome to Sophia Medical!

Here at Sophia Medical Associates we believe that a healthy body is evidence of a healthy life. We know that it is our responsiblity to help each of our patients in Fredericksburg Virginia to achieve that goal. That’s why we practice integrated functional medicine which combines the best attributes of both Western and Eastern medicine for maximum effectiveness.

There are many reasons why we are different from other doctors here in Fredericksburg. Our approach is a preventative but comprehensive one! Eastern practices teach us the benefits and strategies of natural health solutions, while Western medicine gives us amazing technology to asess potential risks at their root cause, years before they become acute! Should one of our patients ever need advanced care or treatment, we go above and beyond to coordinate and oversee that care, ensuring you get the attention you need and deserve!

My name is Dr. Linda Villalobos and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our family at Sophia Medical!

Our Benefits

  • Extended Appointments
  • “Fix the Cause” Approach
  • Lifestyle Focused
  • Test Early, Stay Healthy
  • Combine Eastern & Western science
  • Coordinate Your Care

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Now Accepting New Members

There are currently openings for patients that desire the benefits of Functional and Integrative health care and wish to become a Member. Of course we accept insurance for all of the services we offer that insurance covers. There is an additional membership investment fee required for those services needed which insurance does not cover.

We know that you need our important, non-covered services (such as extended office visits, nutrition and supplement counseling, or certain non-covered test) that are critical to identifying and healing many conditions at the root so you can live a full and healthy life.

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